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About US

Urbetho was founded in 2019 by Dr. Ursula Benz and is registered in Alling, Germany. It  provides business development consultancy for Geo-IT companies who want to scale up their business and integrate their services into business solutions of other verticals like agronomics, IoT, logistics, telecom, utilities and others.

Geo-IT companies get support by Urbetho and its partner network to evolve their business from one-off projects to reusable solutions and finally to repeatable geoservices with a high degree of automation and well packaged for a scalable sales approach. 

The rapidly growing number of public funded and private market-  and Geo-IT platforms are a great opportunity for many of those geoservices. Urbetho explores for its customers how and which platforms can be of best help for the certain services to simplify and speed up the intended go-to-market strategy and to reach business scalability fast and at low risk. 

For example, market platforms, as e.g. ArcGIS Marketplace, cloudeo, NoR and eoMall can serve as worldwide marketing and sales channels and take away a lot of the technical and financial administration processes and overhead. They allow their platform members to fully focus onto the development of the solutions and services to accommodate their customers’ needs. The IaaS, DaaS and SaaS offerings of Geo-IT platforms, e.g. AWS, Google, GBDX from Maxar and the DIAS – funded by ESA to support especially the European business – save with their fast access to a multitude of data and re-usable software tools production cost and time and provide scalability and reliability for the service delivery.

However, to unlock this potential technical, commercial and sometimes also legal challenges have to be overcome. Together with its partners Urbetho helps its customers to address these topics and to pave their path to a scalable business and – if applicable – to accelerate a successful onboarding of such services onto the best fitting marketplaces and Geo-IT platforms.