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The EO Cloud Ecosystem

The professional services by Urbetho CF address all stakeholders of the EO Cloud Ecosystem and go beyond technology, taking into account business, marketing and legal aspects, in order to create a scalable overall solution.

The  services to EO cloud operators are to increase the attractiveness of their cloud for users. This includes providing training and support for users of their cloud and consulting them for a user and market oriented evolution of their data and application portfolio.

Service, data and application providers benefit from Urbetho CFs onboarding services, dedicated to support them to take full benefit from the EO Cloud in terms of technology, market reach and community building. 

AI-based EO Cloud Applications –
enabled through international partnership

Urbetho CF is proud of having initiated the collaboration between the companies and drove the implementation of EOFactory.AI on CREODIAS. Urbetho CF is the point of contact for SkyMap Global’s services in EMEA.